Lexan / Polycarbonate Security Glazing

Associated Plastics is the industry leader in Lexan / polycarbonate security and bullet resistant glazing located in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Associated Plastics specializing in security glazing systems Your "One-Stop-Shop" for Design, Fabrication and Installation of security glazing materials and specialty protective systems.

Associated Plastics designs, fabricates and installs security glazing and bullet resistant systems. We offer turnkey solutions for your security glazing needs, from threat assessment to design and installation.

Lexan / polycarbonate sheet is a naturally transparent, "crystal-clear" material with excellent aesthetic properties, high impact strength and ease of design and formability. Associated Plastics offers this product for general purpose, textures, optical quality, extreme UV resistance, solar control, sign and flame retardant grades.

    Applications include:

  • Transportation Glazing, Institutional Glazing, Parkades
  • Barrel Vaults, Skylights, Railings, Intercom Panels , Gates
  • Covered Walkways, Storefronts, Doors, Bar, Restaurant
  • Privacy Glazing, Parking Garages, Factory Overglazing

Don't let material limitations compromise your design creativity.
APS polycarbonate sheet is designed to perform in a wide range of applications and meets all standard architectural specifications and codes.

Impact Protection
Unsurpassed by any clear glazing product on the market, polycarbonate sheet is hundreds of times stronger than plate glass and many times stronger than acrylic. This tough, long lasting material offers attractive protection in areas subject to high traffic, vandalism or burglary. It even withstands natural forces like severe wind, hail, and snow storms. In fact, polycarbonate sheet meets stringent state mandates for hurricane resistant glazing materials.

Design Latitude
Polycarbonate sheet is extremely ductile. It can be cut on-site from flat sheet or cold-formed into curves that would be impossible to construct with laminated glass or acrylic. Forget about costly factory Performing and fabrication. With polycarbonate sheet, you can create cost effective, distinctive structures that feature dramatic expanses of curved glazing.

Cost Efficiency
The unique combination of lightweight (half the weight of glass) and high strength inherent in polycarbonate sheet allows designs that require less structural support. Since Lexan sheet can be cut and cold-formed on-site, you save time and money that would normally be dedicated to preinstallation techniques like oven bending. Polycarbonate sheet is much more durable than other material options. The cost of replacement becomes a less immediate (and less costly) concern.

Energy Efficiency
Polycarbonate sheet is a superior insulating material when compared to equivalent thicknesses of glass. Double-glazing and overglazing offer even more energy savings. Overglazing with a patterned grade of polycarbonate sheet adds visual security and enhances the appearance of industrial and commercial sites.

Light and Energy Transmission
By allowing the transmittance of up to 90 percent of solar energy and 88 percent of visible light, clear polycarbonate sheet is an excellent glazing material for a wide range of applications where clarity is essential. Lexan sheet is also available in gray and bronze tints to help control heat gain, and provide a variety of privacy patterns for obscure glazing requirements.

Polycarbonate Glazing
Think of all the places where you wish you could have used glass or acrylic in your designs, but could not due to the environment, building location, or material limitations.

Now think of the demanding applications where glass and acrylic have been tried and failed; schools, psychiatric facilities, subways, bus shelters, etc. These sites are increasing because of violence and vandalism. Add applications where other plastics didn't rise to the challenge and your list of failures grows long.

Now try polycarbonate sheet and turn failed designs into reality. The family of polycarbonate sheet glazing products offers superior durability, unmatched design flexibility, and structural integrity that easily surpasses laminated glass and acrylic alternatives. When considering total life cycle costs.

Polycarbonate sheet comes in several grades to suit your every performance requirement:

GP / 9034 polycarbonate sheet for general glazing and industrial applications.

UV/SL Sign grade polycarbonate sheet for increased UV protection

AR / Margard polycarbonate sheet when abrasion resistance,weather resistant, impact strength, and graffiti removal are essential.

Lexgard MP750 MP1000 MP1250 / HYGARD BR750 BR1000 BR1250 laminates for certified containment glazing and bullet resistant protection.